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  • Rick Stilwell

    Thanks, Stacey. Even had a question/conversation on almost exact same topic before my post went live. Copyblogger post was a catalyst, hoping it’ll do you and I both some good to just “show up and write”.

  • Stacey Alex

    Yeah, I hope so too. I’ve been feeling like a big slacker lately!

  • Viji Iyer

    Copy that! :) Its just about the same thing I’m going thru’ currently with my new job & keeping up with my blog. With changing times, its changing techniques…I’m learning dont fight it, just piecemeal it, even if it means just sitting down and jotting some rough ideas one night vs. having to belt out an entire post!

  • Stacey Alex

    Exactly. I feel like I need to start over with my blogging schedule. Start slow and work my way up like I did in the beginning. I’ve decided to write 3 times a week, and–once I have that down–maybe move to more. It’s definitely a trial and error thing.

  • Deirdre Reid, CAE

    It helps to set aside time to just read, let ideas soak in and jot down post ideas. Mornings are good for this. But it’s easy to get distracted, so don’t open up your emails or Twitter app, just stick to your Reader. It’s worth getting up a little early to do a little of this.

    I find that the more I write, the easier it gets to take an idea from my brain to the page. I keep a document going with rough post ideas (sometimes it’s someone’s tweet) and an editorial calendar with topics planned out — that helps although sometimes I’m not inspired by what I’ve planned. That’s when I start reading and staring into space, thinking and hoping for new inspiration.

  • Stacey Alex

    That’s a good point. In the old days, when I had more time to sit around and read, inspriation came a lot easier. I think I’ll do that. Thanks Deirdre!

  • Just Show Up and Read

    [...] week I wrote a post in reflection of a Copyblogger post I read called How to Show Up and Write. I talked about how [...]

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