Keyword Analysis to Improve SEO

I first wrote this post for the Media Two blog Media Two Point {oh!}. They’ve been awesome enough to let me repost it here.

Are the words you use the most on your site your keywords?

A couple weeks ago, I attended the Triangle AMA Analytics Bootcamp where the keynote was Avinash Kaushik. (If you missed it, check out our live-blogged posts.)

During his session, he was talking about this issue. If your brand’s name is the most used word, people will only find you if they search for your brand. If the keywords you’re shooting for don’t appear as the most prominently used words on your site, people are less likely to find you by searching those words.

So how do you know which words are most prevalent on your site? You certainly don’t want to sit around counting. Luckily, you don’t have to. During his session, Avinash introduced us to a little tool called Wordle. Funny name. Pretty awesome functionality.

Basically what you do is go to, click ‘create’ and submit the URL of the page you want to analyze. What you get is a word cloud of the most used words on that site. This is essentially a test on your use of keywords. Your grade comes from the picture you get. Are your keywords bigger than the others words in the cloud? Are there words present you don’t want associated with your brand?

The picture at the top of this post is an example of a word cloud created on the Wordle site. It’s an analysis of the main URL of this blog.

Once you have your cloud, you can see where you need to work on your content strategy and boost your SEO.

There are more uses for this tool than analyzing your own site, though. Use it on competitors’ websites to see how they score in using keywords. How do they compare? Do their clouds have keywords you would benefit from using on your site?

Media Two Interactive is in no way affiliated with We just thought it was a cool tool to share and make things easier.