Media Two Social’s Video #FollowFriday for December 17th 2010

I first shot this video for the Media Two blog Media Two Point {oh!}. They’ve been awesome enough to let me repost it here.

After the first #snOMG event of the season, we took to the ping-pong table to to film another #FollowFriday episode.

If you can’t see the video, you can watch it at Media Two’s YouTube Channel.


Phil’s #followfriday recommendation this week was for @CuttingEdgeInfo. Cutting Edge Information is a business intelligence company based in RTP and Boston. Their roots in the pharma and associated industries have been making the hard decisions that executives have to make a lot easier. Great research put together by an excellent team. Follow them if you are anywhere near the pharmaceutical industry.


Morgan recommends you follow @ChangeTriangle. As their name implies, they are actually trying to make the triangle a better place by making it easy for young adults to get more involved with volunteer opportunities. Sara Rose Roman and Christopher Cheuk attended the Raleigh Media Leaders event this week and impressed everyone with their passion.


Stacey’s shoutout this week was for @seibways. Christine is a digital marketing professional at Responsology and writes an awesome blog at It doesn’t matter if you call her “short but scrappy” or “spunky”, either way your working with someone who really gets the digital marketing space… almost as good as Media Two does 🙂


We were lucky enough to have two additional people agree to help us out this week. First was Les James who is one of the web designer/developers here at Media Two.


Les says follow @iamFinch. Francisco Inchauste is a designer and writer at Although his articles skew to the design side of web user experience anyone can find value in his posts. They are extremely well thought out and always deliver an impactful message. Follow Francisco for insights and super helpful links.

Finally was our new best friend Caitlin V. Smith. She’s just finishing up her masters degree at Elon in Interactive Media and we’re doing our best to woo her away from the evil clutches of Gregory Ng.


Cait suggests you follow @jonathanopp. Jonathan is a Senior Manager for Brand Communications + Design at Red Hat. Vice President of Brand, AIGA Raleigh. He also writes at and at his Applied Poetics blog.

Who are your suggestions for our next #followfriday?