I’m a communications professional with a passion for social media and a background in public relations. I have 5 years experience with social media, and 11 years experience in customer service and relationships.

I am excited about the opportunities social media is creating in business marketing, and how it’s changing the way companies interact with their customers—opening them up by bringing out the human behind the corporate brand. I find it fascinating how this idea is spreading like wildfire, and how there is a clear distinction in the success rates of companies that are connecting personally with their customers and those that aren’t. Marketing 2.0 is all about relationships, and I’m actively involved in creating those relationships through social media platforms.

  • Adam Taylor

    Stacey, I am an intern in Houston this Summer and have to give a presentation to my company about my internship experience and give recommendations for the program to improve upon. I really like you blog so could I use it as an example in my presentation?

    Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thank you

  • http://anamateurslife.wordpress.com stacemiiister

    Absolutely. I’d love to help in your presentation, and for other people to see my blog. :)

    What kind of internship is it?

    Just a couple other things about my internship that I like: I’m the administrator and editor of an internal blog at my company, where students globally can post their experiences. We have an internal intern social network, where we can connect with each other and plan events. My internship is completely hands on. The projects I’m working on (social media curriculum, social media directory categorized by industry topic for monitoring purposes) will not only be used by employees of my company all over the world, but parts of it will be available externally to anyone and everyone.

    If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know.


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I'm a social media strategist and interactive marketing consultant, with a background in communications and public relations. If you'd like help with your business or personal brand, you can contact me through my connect page.


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