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Hoarding Followers

I watched my first episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive yesterday. It definitely inspired me to go through my boxes with a fine tooth comb as I unpack into my new apartment. I’m finding things I’ve been holding onto for so long. Things that I don’t need. Things that have no relevancy in my life. But

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The Web Wants YOU

I saw the picture above as I was looking for an image for a post last week. After the initial courtesy laugh for using something old in a new way, I started to think about how accurate it is. The web really does want you. The web has opened up an opportunity for the average

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Having a Social Media Job and a Personal Online Brand

I was having lunch with my friend and co-worker, Phil Buckley and his friend Jake on Monday. At some point in the conversation, it came up that I had a site of my own–this blog–and Jake asked what I do with it. The answer is, I don’t do that much. I used to, but I

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