My Summer at SAS: Week 2

I first wrote this post for the SAS blog Conversations and Connections. SAS has been awesome enough to let me repost it here.

Editor’s Note: This is Stacey’s second guest post as our summer social media intern.

Week of June 21, 2010

(Monday, 6/21) Day 6:

I’ve made my office a touch homier this morning. I hung a painting of a peacock I made last week, which I have been told is reminiscent of the Twitter bird in its design. And Dave came in to help me rearrange the desks, so that my office mate and I would have the room to get up from our desks without bumping chair backs. The feng shui is top notch in 5023. You should be a little jealous.

I decided to attend orientation to meet students for the blog. (Note: The full intern experience will be available for SAS employees to follow on an internal blog coming soon. The series here will continue to report my experience, while focusing on things I am doing/learning related to Social Media.) At this orientation—to which I was late because I was sitting in on a webcam meeting with someone in Germany—I met Michelle, my office mate. She’s a super smart lady, who will be attending Harvard in the fall.

(Tuesday, 6/22) Day 7:

My mission today is to reconcile the list of industry topics I got from one team with the list I got from another team. In theory, it’s a simple meshing of the same things, but the list is resisting me. I’m calling for reinforcements…Good news! It wasn’t that hard after all.

Life Lessons by Stacey Alexander: Asking someone (or a couple of someones) who knows more than you is a great idea.

(Wednesday, 6/23) Day 8:

Today is my birthday. My dad had flowers on my desk when I came in this morning. And the ladies say in unison: “Awww.” I’m having lunch with my brother at Noodles, and leaving at 4:30 after the webinar that promises to show me the ropes of Social Media Releases.

(Thursday 6/24) Day 9:

I just had Mexican lunch with Dave and Meg. Meg is a former contractor who was just hired full-time to work with Social Media here at SAS. She also happens to be one of my 17 followers on Twitter, and quite possibly could have at one time been my only follower. I just met her officially and in person today over tacos. She’s offered to school me on the Raleigh social media culture. Thanks, Meg!

(Friday 6/25) Day 10:

Dave is going to be out next week. We have a meeting today to discuss what I’m doing so he knows I won’t be twiddling my thumbs while he’s writing his book. (You can read about it in his post “I’m writing an enterprise social media book”.) I’ve put my project list into a spreadsheet, and I’m going over it now. It’s so professional.

Weekly Recap:

This week, I have organized my meetings to get the key influencers lists in all the industry topics. By next week, I should have a pretty good handle on the top Twitterers, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, blogs and YouTube channels in those areas.

Other than that, I’m tweaking my research on online resources to add to the Social Media Curriculum on the SAS Social Media Portal. I’m happy to say, that a lot of the information already exists, which means the curriculum will be spreading knowledge a lot sooner than if we had to create all the tutorials ourselves. Speaking of tutorials, there’s a guy named Lee LeFever (of who makes some pretty awesome ones. I know most of you reading this post already know the basic ins and outs of social media, especially if you regularly follow this blog. But I found a video by Lee explaining “Social Media in Plain English”, and it’s worth watching anyway.

Until next Friday…