My Summer at SAS: Week 11

I first wrote this post for the SAS blog Conversations and Connections. SAS has been awesome enough to let me repost it here.

Week of August 23, 2010

(Monday, 8/23) Day 50:

I attended the external communications staff meeting today. We talked about Web and SEO for SAS. Pretty interesting stuff.

(Tuesday, 8/24) Day 51:

Got an assignment in the staff meeting yesterday. Go through the customer intelligence success stories and find the main spokesperson in each. Then we’re going to try to find them on Twitter so we can follow them. I’m starting on it today.

(Wednesday, 8/25) Day 52:

I completed the SAS Linked in groups and official Twitter accounts lists. There are a lot. This company is huge.

(Thursday, 8/26) Day 53:

It’s a race against the calendar to get the directory and curriculum up on the portal. With the additional help we just acquired, I think we just might make it.

(Friday, 8/27) Day 54:

Today has some bad and good news. Bad news: We had to say good-bye to Raffaella, an awesome lady from one of the Italy offices who was here for the month of August. Good news: I met a Twitter friend in person. Nice to meet you in real life, Viji!

Weekly Recap:

This week has been more of the same. Still working on the projects I got from Dave before he left. Putting information on the portal to get it live. Finishing up the Twitter and LinkedIn lists so that all the SAS account information is in one place. I did get the new assignment of finding customer intelligence champions from the customer success stories. That is a difficult project. I’ve been completely surprised as to how many people on Twitter share the same names.

Now is the time we face the reality that I’ve only got two days left of my internship. There will be one final post from me on Tuesday to wrap things up, but this is my last weekly post. Thanks for reading every week. I hope you enjoyed following me on my projects and adventures. I know it was fun for me.

Photo by Joe Lanman