• http://www.1918.com/ 1918

    I view you first as a ninja, second as 1/2 boy and third as a sweets-hater. Hopefully that’s what you were hoping to portray :-)

  • http://staceyalex.com Stacey Alex

    Turns out that’s EXACTLY what I’m hoping to portray…or is it that I’m a professional in social media with a few things to say? I can’t remember.

  • http://rickcaffeinated.com Rick Stilwell

    Spot on – in anything, folks either are too whiny about all of life or too syrupy sweet. Especially about work, folks need to be careful and watch how they’re being perceived – more often than not, it’s reality whether they intend it or not.

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  • @Kestrelbird

    I agree that one’s personality needs to be reflected through the various online outlets they control. However many are forgetting the legal ramifications of their online thoughts. There have been sevearl cases in the media lately of online bullying/slander/stalking etc… by government officials/members of larger corporations that serve as a good example of how easily things can get ugly. I personally try to reflect my online/offline personality as one in the same. 50/50 sunshine and smartass

  • http://staceyalex.com Stacey Alex

    Definitely. Most of the time we forget that people are more than what they put in social media. So making sure that you’re as well represented for who you really are is super important.

  • http://staceyalex.com Stacey Alex

    That’s a really good point too. Bullying is no good anywhere. Don’t get bold hiding behind your avatar and be mean.

    It’s important to remember also that what would be easily understood if spoken can be misunderstood in text, and when you put it in social media, it’s there for everyone to see.

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