Participating in St. Baldrick’s

Hello, readers. I’m writing to let you know that I’ve decided to participate in St. Baldrick’s as a shavee. This will involve a lot of social media outreach to raise money, so I think it’s appropriate to write about here.

For anyone who doesn’t know, St. Baldrick’s is an awesome foundation that raises money for children’s cancer research. They are volunteer-driven and make “more grants for childhood cancer research than any organization in the world, except the US government.” Since they started in 2000, they’ve raise over $90 million. And in 2010 alone, they gave over $14 million with the help of 38,000 shavees.

Facts about children’s cancer:

  • Every 3 1/2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer.
  • Worldwide, 160,000 kids are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year.
  • Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in the United States and Canada.

This year, Media Two is participating as a team – including me and Morgan Siem. We are shaving our heads to raise awareness and money for St. Baldrick’s. We’ve set a ridiculous goal to motivate us to get up and do everything we can to raise money for these kids. You should be seeing a lot of us. Please donate to our St. Baldrick’s page to help support our team and save the kids!

The event will be on April 7th at 4pm on NC State’s Harris Field. Everyone’s invited!