Culture and Strategy

I just read a tweet:

I thought this was great. That @colincolin knows what he’s talking about. I get so tired of experts telling everyone how to use social media. Even if they’ve done a bunch of research and their advice is sound, I hate that people can get smug about it. “You’re doing it wrong.” That’s a catch phrase in social media from the people who are “doing it right”. And a lot of people are doing it wrong, but it sounds rude.

Never forget that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Each business is unique, with unique customers. There is no standard. What works for you may be a good guideline for me to use as a jumping off point. However, what will work for me will be determined by my audience.

I shouldn’t strictly follow your plan. Your plan will be out-of-date by tomorrow anyway. The focus of social media is the audience. It will take trial and error, but the people will tell you how to use it. The most effective strategists know this, and they’re not smug about it. The people are fickle, and the winds can change at any moment. There’s no time for smugness, smugnicity, smugism.