• Maddie d

    Hey Stacey You look amazing and actually look so much better and more womanly! I know that this is an old post but I have to thank you! My cousin has recently been diagnosed with cancer and she is really scared about losing her hair but after seeing your transformation she not scared anymore! :D

    Did you end up keeping your hair like this (hope you did)? It would be a crime against fashion if you grew it long again as it so suits you and really defines your features more which suit super short hair moreover long hair (my cousin agrees with me and some of our friends).

    You should defintly keep you hair like this or how about ;

    Anyway do you have you got a styling blog or anything like that where you post tips and stuff about how to rock the buzzed hair like you do? If you don’t you should really think about making one.. would be a sure hit and would be really inspiring and helpful to all those going through the rough time of cancer and will show them that you can still look beautiful (even more so) without hair getting in the way of the real beauty.

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