Facebook and Bing do social search

I first wrote this post for the Media Two blog Media Two Point {oh!}. They’ve been awesome enough to let me repost it here.

Last month, Bing rolled out its new social search feature in which it teamed up with Facebook to provide social context for your searches. Their main message is that you don’t make decisions without your friends on anything else, why should you have to when you’re searching for products or sites on the Web?

It’s not live for everyone yet, but this is how it works:

You go to Bing to search for “Iron Man”. If you’re logged into your Facebook account, you will see something like this.

In this example, the searcher knows that two of his friends ‘like’ Iron Man. Knowing this, it is more likely he will trust that it’s a good movie.

Bing Director, Stefan Weitz explains this concept in this video (2:34).

I think most people are agreeing that this approach to social search is several steps above Google’s new +1 button, but there are skeptics out there that are saying the partnership with Bing is not a desirable one.

As far as privacy goes, if you’re not into the idea that all your Facebook friends will see your preferences when they search, Bing has offered an opt-out. You can change it for each time you search. And for those of you that don’t want this at all, simply sign out of Facebook before searching…or Google it.

What are your thoughts on the partnership and it’s new service?

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