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St. Baldrick’s Coverage

As many of you know, the Media Two team is participating in St. Baldrick’s – shaving our heads to raise money for children’s cancer research. Morgan Siem and I, the two ladies of the group, are going all out trying to raise awareness and collect donations for this cause. We’ve been fortunate enough to receive

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Participating in St. Baldrick’s

Hello, readers. I’m writing to let you know that I’ve decided to participate in St. Baldrick’s as a shavee. This will involve a lot of social media outreach to raise money, so I think it’s appropriate to write about here. For anyone who doesn’t know, St. Baldrick’s is an awesome foundation that raises money for

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Hoarding Followers

I watched my first episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive yesterday. It definitely inspired me to go through my boxes with a fine tooth comb as I unpack into my new apartment. I’m finding things I’ve been holding onto for so long. Things that I don’t need. Things that have no relevancy in my life. But

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